June & Julie - c'est moi

I founded June & Julie in Munich in 2017.  Here I live with my husband and our son Julian.

It all started when I visited my grandmother Charlotte every summer when I was a kid. She lived in Provence in a white house, surrounded by lavender fields and not far from the sea. It has been unforgettable days, which I spent there with my friends June and Julie. Tired of all the adventures of the day, I sank to bed in the evening. And in the morning, when grand-mère woke me up again, she was wearing one of her wonderful nightgowns made from the finest cotton.

Sometimes I slipped secretly into one of my grandmother's "chemise de nuit", enjoying the cool fabric on my skin and the scent of lavender that she used to spray on her clothes. As you know, you can not hide a secret from grandmothers. So one day she surprised me with a nightgown she had especially sewn for me. Made of exactly the same cotton her nightgowns were made of. And that became a tradition. Every summer when I came to her to visit there was a new, hand-sewn nightgown on my bed. My very personal nightgown for a happy summer in Provence. That was a long time ago. Since then I've been looking for a nightgown all over the world that could bring that very special feeling back to me. Unfortunately I never found one. So I started to design a nightgowns collection myself. Made of the highest quality cotton, waisted cut, perfect fit and customized to the smallest detail. A collection that combines tradition and elegance and feels comfortable on the skin. After the birth of my son, I also designed a children's collection. Beautiful nightgowns for girls and pajamas for boys.  I named my sleepwear collection "June & Julie". In homage to my friends June and Julie, to my beloved grandmother and to the unforgettable days of my childhood in the South of France.